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Londoner Becky’s lunch menu

Lunch menu revealed by Hyundai Capital’s global employees

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Most workers go through the same routine day in and day out. What more could one look forward to than lunch time? Just thinking about the choices of delicious treats almost makes all the heavy work stress go away. Such exciting prospects for lunch time is not limited to just us, after all. Hyundai Capital, a company with presence in 11 countries around the world including the UK, U.S., Germany and Brazil. Global employees from 6 of these entities shared their favorite lunch menu with Hyundai Card∙Hyundai Capital Newsroom.

[Top]Holmesdale Fish & Chips Twitter(Source=twitter.com/holmesdalefish), [Bottom]The Blue Anchor Reigate Facebook(Source=facebook.com/TheBlueAnchorReigate)

[Top]Holmesdale Fish & Chips Twitter(Source=twitter.com/holmesdalefish),
[Bottom]The Blue Anchor Reigate Facebook(Source=facebook.com/TheBlueAnchorReigate)

In the UK typical lunches range from sandwiches to salads and other light menus. There comes a moment though where we need something more to blow off the morning stress. On such occasions, I and my colleagues go to Holmesdale Fish & Chips, a local restaurant that’s 2 minutes away from the office. Here, you can treat yourself to some fantastic fish and chips beyond description. When you taste the fried cod with an aroma of butter with peas and tartar sauce alongside fries with perfect seasoning, there’s nothing else you’d want in the world. When fish and chips feel like too much, I often visit the Blue Anchor Reigate, where I can enjoy burgers and coleslaw.

- Becky Morgan, Hyundai Capital UK (HCUK)

Coa Facebook(Source=facebook.com/coawokandbowls)

Coa Facebook(Source=facebook.com/coawokandbowls)

Healthier eating is a continuous trend in HCBE office. In line with this trend ‘Coa’ is always the easiest choice, located at the shopping mall complex right next to the Hyundai Capital Bank Europe(HCBE) office building. It offers Asian fusion menus such as Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese. Recently it launched a new menu with a funny name of ‘Buddha bowl’. With choices of protein from chicken, salmon, to tofu and fresh vegetables, it has become extremely popular soon after it was launched. One of the best things about Coa is the variety of its menu. It’s an ‘okay’ place for everyone to join, even when they have different preferences from light menu for dieters to hearty dish with sufficient calories. When you walk into Coa for lunch, there’s very high chance you’ll meet as many HCBE members as in the office.

- Diane Kim, Hyundai Capital Bank Europe (HCBE)

[Top]Panini Kabob Grill Facebook(Source=facebook.com/PaniniKabobGrill), [Bottom]Inka Grill Homepage(Source=Inkagrill.com)

[Top]Panini Kabob Grill Facebook(Source=facebook.com/PaniniKabobGrill),
[Bottom]Inka Grill Homepage(Source=Inkagrill.com)

There are many lunch options from global cuisines for Hyundai Capital America(HCA) employees. In particular there are two local restaurants in Irvine where HCA is located that stand out as employee favorites. The first is Panini Kebab Grill which serves Turkey’s signature food, kebabs. You can enjoy a great kebab made of fresh ingredients not to mention reasonable prices. I’ve never seen a colleague at HCA who wasn’t satisfied with this place.

Another place I’d like to recommend is a Peruvian restaurant called Inka Grill. The signature dish here is the Saltado, which is sautéed beef or chicken with red onions, French fries, tomatoes and cilantro alongside seasoning that tastes similar to soy sauce. The taste is familiar yet quite exotic. If you happen to visit California, and Irvine specifically, you have to stop by one of these HCA favorites.

- Kevin Figueroa, Hyundai Capital America (HCA)

Big Mouth(Source=dianping.com)

Big Mouth(Source=dianping.com)

I heard that ‘mala soup’ is very popular in Korea these days. One of the popular mala soup restaurants among Beijing Hyundai Auto Finance(BHAF) employees during lunch time is called ‘Big Mouth’ which is in one of the famous spots in Wang Jing, where BHAF is also located. The owner of the place is actor Zhang Chao, who played the chef ‘Big Mouth Li’ in the Chinese traditional series ‘My Own Swordsman’. Here you can enjoy mala soup as well as other traditional dishes from Sichuan province. People love the mala soup at the ‘Big Mouth’ for its deep flavor and good value. To genuinely taste the flavor of mala soup, there’re some specific rules you have to follow. If you have any plans to visit this place, I recommend you try it for yourself. ① First, drink the soup. → ②Add chili oil, ma chili oil, minced garlic and sesame sauce. → ③Enjoy the dish. → ④Don’t forget to wipe your mouth and use a toothpick afterwards.



Another popular place is called ‘Bingz’, about 10 minute walk from the BHAF office. Here you must try the roujiamo and suanlafen. Roujiamo, a specialty of the Shaanxi province, is a dish that puts meat between bread. Anything that fills some ingredients inside a bread is called jiamo, so if you put meat it’s called roujiamo and if you have vegetables you call it caijiamo. The biggest charm of roujiamo is the crispy outside and juicy flavor inside that everyone loves. Suanlafen on the other hand has a refreshing flavor with pickled vegetables and chewy noodles that have fully absorbed the soup. The Wangjing park is nearby, so we can enjoy a nice stroll after a good meal.

- Li Li, Beijing Hyundai Auto Finance (BHAF)

A La Carte Mineiro Facebook(Source=facebook.com/restaurantealacartemineiro)

A La Carte Mineiro Facebook(Source=facebook.com/restaurantealacartemineiro)

When Banco Hyundai Capital Brasil(BHCB) members need a boost in their stamina with all the work stress, they like to visit ‘A La Carte Mineiro’, a local restaurant that’s 5 minute drive away from the office, famous for Feijoada. Feijoada is a type of porridge with black beans and pork, simmered for a long time. It’s a traditional dish that many Brazilians have when they need to be more energized. Add some well-boiled Feijoada on top of some rice and you’ll feel the energy rush in no time. Another tip, add some spicy chili oil called pimenta on top to make it tastier.

- Camilla Varo, Banco Hyundai Capital Brasil (BHCB)

The Meat & Wine Co. Facebook(Source=facebook.com/themeatandwinecompany)

The Meat & Wine Co. Facebook(Source=facebook.com/themeatandwinecompany)

I often have lunch at ‘The Meat & Wine Co.’ near the Sydney astronomical observatory. Anyone who has visited Sydney probably heard of this famous restaurant, and it has branches in many neighborhoods. It’s quite far from the Macquarie Park where the office is located and it can be pricey for lunch, but I recommend it on special occasions, when you want to have something special for lunch. Since 2000, this restaurant serves world class dry aged sirloin steak. Don’t forget to have some nice Australian wine on the side to maximize the flavor of the meat.

- Taewoong Kim, Hyundai Capital Australia (HCAU)

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