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Secret destinations hand-picked by Hyundai Capital employees at global entities

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Hyundai Capital’s dynamic global business across 11 global entities are driven by a total of 2,500 employees. Where do global employees of Hyundai Capital visit during the holidays? Here are some secret destinations – places rarely introduced in travel guides, blogs or even social media - recommended by the ‘locals’ themselves at Hyundai Capital’s global entities.

HyundaiCapital GlobalEntities Vacation TravelDestination Not even in travel guides, secret spots only known to locals 1, 2, 3, 5. Quinta de los Molinos, 4. Falcon Sky Bar 6. La Tour

1, 2, 3, 5. Quinta de los Molinos, 4. Falcon Sky Bar 6. La Tour

Quinta de los Molinos | Spain

When you think of Madrid, the capital city in the center of Spain, beautiful green parks are not the first thing that comes to mind, but Madrid offers an incredible range of different parks and gardens. You can enjoy sporting or picnic in Casa de Campo with approximately five times the size of Central Park in New York City, enjoy the English design and beautiful rose garden of Parque del Oeste, get the best view of the Royal Palace from Jardines de Sabatini, a classic French style garden, or visit the unique Juan Carlos I garden with a representation of the three cultures of Spain with Jewish, Christian, and Arab gardens.
Among all these well-known parks, there is one that is still a guarded secret even for most madrileños (Madrid locals). The Park Quinta de los Molinos, located in the north part of the city, in San Blas district, far from the city center but well connected with a bus and subway line (Suanzes station). It is a Mediterranean-style park, with 25 hectares divided in two areas, north zone with romantic style and south zone with agricultural style and large tree surrounded areas with Mediterranean species, like olive trees, pines and almond trees. This is where the park gets unique as almond tree flourish during February and March in a fabulous spectacle, and the park receives more visitors. During the summer, when most madrileños leave the hot city, you can enjoy music concerts and a fresh evening in the shade of the trees, and during autumn guided courses explain the different areas and secrets of the park. So if you are looking for a secret garden to relax after all the museums and the exciting city life of Madrid, you have to visit Quinta de los Molinos - Manuel Porrati, HCE

La Tour | USA

Located in a small cove in Laguna Beach, California, one can find what locals call the “Pirate Tower”. At first glance, one can’t help but imagine sailing a ship, fighting pirates, and striking it rich by finding long, lost pirate treasure. Even though it makes for a great story, the actual origin of the tower can be traced back to 1926 when it was built by William E. Brown, a senator from Los Angeles. Since his house was on the cliff above the beach, he built an enclosed staircase to get down to the sand. In the early 1940’s, Brown sold his home to a retired naval captain and pirate enthusiast, Harold Kendrick. Records say that Kendrick would dress-up as a pirate and hide coins in the cracks of the tower for local children to find. The property has changed owners several times throughout the years, and the tower is now kept under lock and key. Perhaps if one were to visit, they might still find coins hidden between the stones. – Kevin Figueroa, HCA

Falcon Sky Bar | Canada

The Toronto skyline view from the CN Tower, Toronto’s most famous landmark, is very well known. Falcon Sky Bar is at Hotel X is a new addition to Toronto and not many people are aware the building is a hotel with a bar with the beautiful scenery. Because the location is West side from the CN Tower, you can actually look at CN Tower from the bar balcony, and opposite scenic view from what you are used to from the CN Tower. You can get a closer look at Ontario place, what’s happening in the Budweiser Stage, and the west side of Toronto. Ferry from the Toronto Islands also offers a fantastic view of Toronto skyline from the south of the CN Tower. Along with nice blue from Lake Ontario and the CN Tower together, you can also see the home of Blue Jays, Toronto’s baseball team, Rogers Centre from far. The view will turn out to be a perfect post card picture that you can brag about. Ensure you are standing at the front side of ferry! – Sunny Choi, HCCA

It doesn’t have to be a famous city, exotic destinations to enjoy nature to the fullest 1, 2, 3. Durdle Door  4, 5. São Francisco do Sul

1, 2, 3. Durdle Door 4, 5. São Francisco do Sul

Durdle Door | United Kingdom

Many residents of the UK love to travel to the coast for summer holidays, mainly the South West coastline of Devon and Cornwall where natural beauty can be seen in abundance. A special place which more tourists are becoming more aware of is Durdle Door, in West Lulworth. Durdle Door is a breath taking limestone arch which can be admired from the windy clifftops and beach below. It is a natural creation formed by the sea around 10,000 years ago, making it one of the UK’s most desirable holiday attractions. For those travelling to the UK coast on their holidays, Durdle Door is a sight to remember! – Becky Morgan, HCUK

São Francisco do Sul | Brazil

I’d like to recommend the island of São Francisco do Sul, located off the northeastern coast of Santa Catarina, in the south part of Brazil. Once a Spanish colony, this part of the world was historically a sea route for container ships; geographically connecting the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe. There are museums about its history, as well as piers and beaches with the vibe of a sea village often visited by Brazilians, but it’s relatively not known to tourists. Most people think of exciting carnivals when it comes to Brazil, however I’d also like to invite you to this hidden treasure. - Luiz Ribeiro, BHCB

Trousse Chemise | France

Trousse Chemise beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the charming island Ile de Ré, located in the Atlantic Ocean. From La Rochelle just take the bridge and go to the end of the island. After the typical French villages like Ars en Ré, Saint Clément des Baleines, Les Portes-en-Ré, you will finally reach the beautiful woods of Trousse Chemise. After the pines, you will discover the blond sand as far as the eyes can see at a low tide. - Thomas Blum, HCE

Daocheng Yading & Ejinaqi | China

Daocheng Yading is a famous tourist destination in Sichuan province, Garze Tibetan Autonomous prefecture, Daocheng county, Shangri-la town, Yading village. It is renowned for its three holy mountains with perpetual snow, namely the Chenrezig(Xiannairi), Jambeyang(Yangmaiyong) and Chanadorje(Xianuoduoji), its beautiful adjacent rivers and lakes and the alpine wetlands. Thanks to its unique topography and scenic landscape from the pristine ecosystem, it is often referred to as the Soul of Shangri-la, or the last Shangri-la. Many foreigners call it ‘the last pure land on the blue planet’, a paradise for photographers from all over the world.
Ejinaqi located in Alashan Meng, Inner Mongolia Autonomous region in China is a place I’d like to recommend. The Heicheng Ruins are the most well-preserved and large scale relic from the ancient city on the Silk Road, the vast desert of Badaoqiao is where you can get a magnificent view of the rising sun as well as the twilight, the ever-changing landscape of the Juyanhai lake where two rivers meet; these are just some examples of the diverse nature you can encounter in this region. In October, you can see a lot of poplar trees, to the extent that it’s called a poplar forest, changing its shade to a beautiful yellow color. One thing to note when visiting deserts; the temperature difference throughout the day can be quite large so don’t forget to carry some warm clothes on top of short sleeved ones. – Li Li, BHAF

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