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Baemin Hyundai Card reaches milestone with 100,000 users

Food delivery service used 9.2 times on average monthly


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Baemin Hyundai Card, Korea’s first-ever food delivery-focused *PLCC (Private Label Credit Card), reached a milestone of 100,000 issued cards in just eight months, Hyundai Card announced on July 22.

In November 2020 Hyundai Card and Baedal Minjok (otherwise known as Baemin), operated by Woowa Brothers Corp., launched the Baemin Hyundai Card together. Available in eight different unique plate designs the Baemin Hyundai Card offers benefits focused on Baedal Minjok’s cash-like rewards “Baemin Points.”

To commemorate 100,000 members Hyundai Card and Woowa Brothers unveiled the results of a joint research of customers’ spending facts.

The research found that Baemin Hyundai Card users have food delivered through the Baemin app an average of 9.2 times monthly, which is more than twice the average of a regular Hyundai Card member at 4.1 times monthly. Reflecting their frequent usage, over 70% of Baemin Hyundai Card members turned out to be Baemin’s VIPs. To qualify for Baemin VIP, whose benefits include a monthly coupon book, a user must use Baemin 5 times or more monthly.

Lying behind Baemin Hyundai Card’s popularity is the daring design of the cards that has adopted food as key elements. Out of the eight different card plates, the one featuring a “sunny-side-up fried egg” was the most popular, picked by 35% of the entire users. Second most-popular design was "seaweed" at 20%, followed by Baemin’s deliveryman character “Dokgo Baedal” at 16%.

The research found that consumers in their 20s and 30s captured 67% of all Baemin Hyundai Card customers, with the former accounting for 31% and the latter, 36%. Those in their 40s made up 28%, followed by those in their 50s, 5%. In terms of gender, 58% of customers were female, slightly more than men at 42%.

Hyundai Card and Woowa Brothers will hold an event to commemorate the 100,000 Baemin Hyundai Card milestone. Considering the current social distancing measures in place due to COVID-19, Woowa Brothers has designed a limited-edition set of playing cards for distribution to select customers.

The cards come in two types according to the designs of the back side. One carries Baemin Hyundai Card’s “sunny-side-up fried egg” and the other, “group customers are welcome” design, featuring Baemin’s Dokgo Baedal character. The face cards, including Joker, King, Queen and Jack, feature various Baemin characters enjoying food.

A lucky draw will choose 3,000 first-time users of Hyundai Baemin Card by July 28 for the limited-edition gift. Hyundai Card and Woowa Brothers plan to throw additional events including coupon packs gifts.

Users may refer to the “Event” tab under “My Baemin” on their Baemin app for more information.

*PLCCs, similar to branded cards, are launched by credit card issuers but the benefits and rewards come from the brand under partnership. Hyundai Card and its partners have rolled out more than a dozen PLCCs to work together on customized marketing campaigns.

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