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Hyundai Card rolls out DIGITAL LOVER card


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◇ Hyundai Card launches DIGITAL LOVER, a new credit card targeting digital natives

◇ DIGITAL LOVER has a 3F product structure

* 1F: basic benefits for digital subscriptions, plus Hyundai Card’s existing benefits     

- Up to 10,000 won ($8.37) discount per month for spending on major digital subscription services
- 5 percent discount on spending via digital payment services (maximum discount per month: 10,000 won)
- Existing benefits for Hyundai Card holders: discounts on tickets for Hyundai Card Super Concert series and free admission to Libraries
- Annual fee: 20,000 won (for domestic use only/for both domestic and overseas use)

* 2F: optional paid packages
- Customers may choose from 3 paid service packages, renewed every six months

* 3F: benefits customized for individual subscribers

Hyundai Card announced today it would launch “Hyundai Card DIGITAL LOVER,” a new credit card targeting digital natives.

Hyundai Card DIGITAL LOVER has been designed to cater to the identity and lifestyle of digital natives, who set aside certain amount of monthly budget for digital subscriptions such as video and music services.

“Hyundai Card has come up with a unique credit card product based on a fresh perspective on the market and customers. DIGITAL LOVER card is armed with a set of multi-layer benefits for digital natives,” said a Hyundai Card spokesman. “We paid particular attention to their tendency to subscribe to at least one or two digital services.”.

The card has a 3F-structure according to the types of benefits, making easy for customers to choose the most optimal benefits available.

1F consists of basic benefits. Subscribers to 4 major digital video and music streaming services can receive up to 10,000 won discount a month when payment is made with DIGITAL LOVER. The services are: Netflix, YouTube Premium, Melon and Genie.

Hyundai Card took into account the trend of the majority of digital natives paying monthly fees for digital services. The 1F discount is expected to spare a certain portion of customers’ regular spending.

The 1F benefits also include discounts on transactions made with 6 types of digital payment systems available in Korea. The payment systems are: Samsung Pay, Naver Pay, Kakao Pay, SSG Pay, Smile Pay and Coupay.

The benefits reflect digital natives’ tendency to refrain from contacts with other human beings, widely dubbed “untact” (combination of “un” and “contact”) trend in Korea. They mostly prefer shopping at self-checkout convenience stores and shopping malls, ordering food on delivery apps and using remote ordering apps at cafes and restaurants.

A discount of 5 percent on any payments made with those payment systems – up to an accumulated amount of 10,000 won a month. Discounts on tickets for Hyundai Card Super Concerts and free admission to Hyundai Card Design, Travel, Music and Cooking Libraries are also eligible for Hyundai Card DIGITAL LOVER subscribers. Spending of at least 500,000 won in the previous month is a prerequisite for all discounts.

2F provides a variety of subscription package products. DIGITAL LOVER card holders may choose one from 3 packages for a fixed price of 50,000 won. A single package lasts for 6 months and can be renewed regularly.

First package is themed on Shopping, designed to give out various discount coupons each month at domestic and foreign online shopping malls to the subscribers. Second is about Playing. Its benefits include coupons and vouchers for travel, car sharing and cultural events. Third is centered around Digital. The package issues free vouchers for music streaming and e-book subscriptions.

3F consists of benefits Hyundai Card recommends to respective customer, based on its data curation technologies. The card will analyze the spending data of each card holder and later proposes a variety of benefits – mostly free coupons and vouchers for use at various stores – specifically designed for them to choose from. The benefits can be found on Hyundai Card mobile app.

Hyundai Card DIGITAL LOVER has made the entire stages of the card usage – from card application to card registration following receipt, card statement and guidelines – eligible only on its mobile app. The app has an interface specifically designed for DIGITAL LOVER card subscribers.

Unique card design also stands out. New subscribers may choose among 4 types of card plate design that depicts the sentiment of the “lonely traveler of the universe.”

Annual fee costs 20,000 won for two versions: one for domestic use only and the other for use domestically and abroad under Visa brand.

A unique series of branding and marketing campaigns spanning a couple of months is set to follow the card’s launch. The campaigns will be led by Crush, one of the most popular K-pop singers/song writers in Korea.

For further details, download Hyundai Card’s mobile app or visit homepage at

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