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GENESIS CARD, a premium card for Genesis owners

GENESIS X Hyundai Card


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Genesis, a luxury vehicle brand, and Hyundai Card have unveiled GENESIS CARD, a credit card specially designed for the vehicle owners.

The private label credit card (PLCC) for the Hyundai Motor’s upscale spinoff brand comes with a variety of rewards. Customers may choose between mobility services and electronic vehicle (EV) services for Hyundai Bluemembers point rewards, depending on the types of the vehicle they own.

Bluemembers points refer to a reward points system for owners of Hyundai and Genesis vehicles and the points can be used at Bluemembers shopping mall as well as hundreds of other online and offline stores.

Rewards for customers choosing mobility services include 1.5% Bluemembers points back on all purchases each month, on the condition that monthly bill exceeds certain amount each billing cycle. Also, 3% point rewards on car maintenance and gas purchases and an additional 1.5% on other mobility-related products and services follow.

Rewards for customers opting for EV services include 100% Bluemembers points back on EV charging, on the condition that monthly bill exceeds certain amount each billing cycle. In addition, 0.75% points on the entire monthly purchases; up to 4.5% on car maintenance; and up to 3% on other mobility-related products and services.

GENESIS CARD holders may earn 5% Bluemembers points back on travel, plane tickets, hotels, department store shopping and golf. The premium card also offers free airport lounge access, free parking at designated areas and buildings, and discounts at designated coffee shops. An extra 1.5% points will be offered for the purchase of a new Genesis vehicle.

GENESIS CARD comes in two designs, themed on the vehicle’s core identity colors: black and copper. Only Genesis owners may apply for the card and annual fee is 100,000 won for both VISA Platinum and MasterCard Platinum.

PLCCs, similar to branded cards, are launched by credit card issuers but the benefits and rewards come from the brand under partnership. Hyundai Card and a series of global brands such as Korean Air, Starbucks, Costco and eBay have rolled out PLCCs to work together on customized marketing campaigns based on Hyundai Card’s AI-backed big data analysis capabilities.

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