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Genesis Finance launches digital financial services in UK

Boasts intuitive and seameless digital car-purchasing experience


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Genesis Finance, a range of financial products for global premium luxury automotive brand Genesis, started out with upbeat prospect in the United Kingdom, according to Hyundai Capital UK (HCUK) today.

Genesis’ large saloon G80 and large sports utility vehicle (SUV) GV80 were launched in the UK on August 2.

Genesis Finance boasts an intuitive and seamless digital car-purchasing experience that HCUK has developed based on its experience as a captive finance provider for Hyundai Motor Group since 2012. The digital car-purchasing journey, fully aligned with Genesis brand, has been tailored to meet the needs of prospective customers.

A new progressive premium luxury brand, respecting our customers’ time is a fundamental focus of Genesis. Consequently, customers may proceed with the entire vehicle purchasing process on the Genesis website without having to visit Genesis Studio. They can apply for test drives, select models/options, file financial applications, go through the underwriting process and sign a contract and even sign up for a car delivery to their doorstep.

“The launch of Genesis in the UK allows HCUK to enter a new market segment and attract a new customer base,” said Ian Whittaker, Managing Director of HCUK. “We have taken all the knowledge and investment from the last nine years and tailored our products and services to support Genesis and their customer offering as they enter the premium sector.”

All of the financial products that HCUK provides to Genesis’ sister companies have been applied to Genesis Finance. Prospective customers of Genesis vehicles may choose among various financial products on Genesis homepage ( – ranging from Personal Contract Purchase to Personal Contract Hire and Personal Motor Loan. Following the choice, customers can tailor their deposit, annual mileage and terms, which will immediately show their monthly payment and Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

HCUK’s digital service compliments the support provided by Genesis Personal Assistant (GPA). The service includes dynamic configurators and video product explanators, and ensures all customer transactions are secure through knowledge-based authentication at the e-signature stage.

HCUK is a joint venture established in 2012 between Hyundai Capital in Korea and Santander Consumer UK. HCUK offers a complete range of captive finance products and services for Hyundai Motor Group, exclusively operating Hyundai Finance, Kia Finance and Genesis Finance in the UK. With over 200,000 customers, HCUK has a balance sheet of £2.5bn and delivers a significant and sustainable return for its shareholders.

“The launch of Genesis Finance is the next step in our journey and strengthens our promise as a business to offer a stress-free experience for our customers,” said Andrew Pilkington, Managing Director at Genesis Motor UK. “By partnering with HCUK, we can deliver a robust direct-to-customer digital car-purchasing experience that puts the customer in control with a choice of flexible financing options.”

“Whilst Genesis only launched in the UK in August, we are already looking to the future,” said Ian Whittaker. “In the mid to long term we will be utilizing expertise in areas such as machine learning, renewals, and remarketing to support Genesis Motor. We are also working with the Genesis team to launch new financing solutions. This will provide Genesis customers with even greater flexibility and support Genesis Motor in expanding their customer reach.”

Since its debut in 2015, Genesis has been recognized globally for its excellent design and quality. Its cumulative sales have already exceeded 500,000 units globally in 2021. Genesis Europe has set a goal to solidify its position as a global luxury car brand this year.

Genesis Studio, a showroom directly managed by Genesis, opened in London’s Westfield shopping centre in June, with further studio openings planned in 2022.

Genesis plans to expand its foothold in Europe further by entering Germany on September 1.

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