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Behind-the-scenes access to Hyundai Card production


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The Hyundai Card CARD FACTORY is located on the ninth floor of the company’s headquarters in Yeouido, the heart of Seoul’s financial district. The Factory is open to the public, offering behind-the-scenes access to its manufacturing spaces.

“Finance is often described as the world of numbers. But we wanted to specify it and make it into a tangible form through the factory facility,” said a Hyundai Card spokesperson. “This ‘analogue’ space pays homage to credit cards in the digital age. This is not just a factory. It is the recorded history of finance capitalism and a piece of installation art.”

From the 10th floor deck at the production space, visitors can observe the entire process of credit card production from manufacturing to issuance and delivery. About 5 million Hyundai Cards are issued every year, ranging from the company’s premium series - the Black, the Purple, the Red, the Green and the Pink -- to its latest MX BOOST and Z as well as a variety of private label credit cards.

Along the long corridor, “The Archive” showcases the history of Hyundai Card plates released over the last 20 years on a wall. Over 100 types of Hyundai Cards are displayed, providing visitors with the insight to the design philosophy and history of Hyundai Card.

The Factory is open to all Hyundai Card members, who can pick up their cards on site. Members can bring up to three guests along, to take a tour of the production facility or enjoy a cup of coffee prepared by Billie, the company’s robot barista, at the Factory Café.


9F, 18 Uisadang-daero, Yeoungdeungpogu, Seoul

In 2015

Business Hours
10:00-16:00 Monday-Saturday
*Closed Sunday and public holidays

Hyundai Card holders and up to three guests per cardholder
Photo IDs must be submitted upon entry for cardholder and guests




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