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Hyundai Card DIVE wins Smart App Award in Korea

Hyundai Card DIVE wins Smart App Award in Korea


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DIVE, Hyundai Card’s content curation app, has won Korea’s top app award for two years in a row, Hyundai Card announced on Dec. 4.

Hosted by the Korea Internet Professionals Association, the Smart App Award is Korea’s top contest for commercial apps developed by local companies and government agencies. The annual award selects the best smartphone apps in 6 categories – visual design, user-interface design, technology, content, service and marketing – through 18 evaluation criteria.

After winning the grand prize for brand innovation in 2019, Hyundai Card DIVE has earned the grand prize for content innovation this year. For a branding platform winning the Smart App Award for two consecutive years is unprecedented.

“Hyundai Card DIVE is a culture app that goes beyond simply offering content,” said a Hyundai Card spokesperson. “Its content is designed to communicate with users.” The spokesperson vowed to further refine the app’s content customization feature, utilizing the company’s data science capabilities to find and propose content that best fits individual user’s taste.

Since its launch in December 2019, Hyundai Card DIVE has gained traction for an array of cultural content in seven categories: art and design; architecture and interior design; travel; music; gourmet and cooking; style; and technology. Celebrities, social media influencers and various cultural figures also contribute to the content creation.

Hyundai Card DIVE has been placed under the spotlight recently for hosting a variety of “contactless” events in the wake of the COVID-19. Some of the examples include “Fan-made Live,” a concert series featuring K-pop musicians performing online at the same time as communicating with fans, and “OVER THE RECORD,” an online lecture series led by top-notch figures in music, design and film. On the back of such creative operation, the app’s accumulated downloads topped 1 million in just a year.

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