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Hyundai Card∙Hyundai Capital ‘ㅎㅋTV’ opens

New YouTube channel explains everything about the companies


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A new YouTube channel that Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital PR Department created ‘ㅎㅋTV’ officially opened on April 26.

‘ㅎㅋTV’ whose name comes from ‘HyunCar’ and ‘HyunCa’ which are short for ‘Hyundai Card’ and ‘Hyundai Capital’ respectively, is a channel that shows what kind of philosophy Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital have, what kind of effort we are making and which direction we are willing to move forwards in.

Our YouTube channel began as Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital had a remarkable year in 2020. In addition to being recognized widely for branding-focused advertisements, Super Concert series, and space marketing, Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital have been gaining traction unseen in the country’s financial industry scene for PLCC (Private Label Credit Card) business, data science, financial technology, and global expansion.

Against the backdrop, Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital PR Department looks to engaging in communication with YouTube users by launching ‘ㅎㅋTV’.

While Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital’s official YouTube channel managed by Brand Division focuses on our branding activities such as product and service advertisements, culture marketing, Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital PR Department’s ‘ㅎㅋ TV’ will deal with topics such as business, corporate culture, HR, employee’s daily life at work in diverse formats such as employees’ vlog, short documentary, short-form news, entertainment content in an easy and friendly manner.

‘ㅎ’ and ‘ㅋ’ are Korean consonants. ‘ㅎ’ is pronounced as ‘h’ and ‘ㅋ’ is pronounced as ‘k’. For Korean contents of ‘ㅎㅋTV’, English subtitle service is also provided through YouTube subtitle setting.

The following are some of the series.

A vlog series featuring real employees’ company life, ‘ㅎㅋㅎㅋ Work Vlog’
The series shows real stories of employees working in different areas including digital business, data science, PLCC, global business, mobility, etc. You can see not only where the company is moving towards, but also guess how the financial industry as a whole is changing by watching how our colleagues are spending a day at work.

Short-form news series ‘100-second Highlight’
It is the series of 100-second content highlighting Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital’s latest news such as entering a new foreign market, embarking on MyData business, which has been rarely available in video, unlike ads or branding activities...

(From left) ‘ㅎㅋㅎㅋ Work Vlog’, ‘100-second Highlight’

‘Space Reinterpretation Project F5’
The series looks into how spaces that employees use day in day out including lobby, meeting rooms, offices, etc. are changing the way we work.

‘Revisiting Mistakes’ series
This entertaining series helps viewers relate to common mistakes that consumers make in the process of choosing the right car finance product for them and proposes various products and methods that fit them.

‘Encyclopedia of Auto Finance’
The series offers content where Hyundai Capital which is leading the auto finance industry in South Korea gives viewers a glimpse of the industry overall. It covers in-depth how the auto finance industry is rapidly changing from the history of auto financing, how it is going digital and green to mobility trends, using historical data, and theses.

(From left) ‘‘Revisiting Mistakes’, ‘Encyclopedia of Auto Finance’

■ Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital ‘ㅎㅋTV’ OPEN

■ [Encyclopedia of Auto Finance] ep.01 Auto Financing: Opening the era when everybody can drive a car

■ [100-second Highlight] ep.01 You can find a global company headquartered in South Korea posting incredible growth?

■ [ㅎㅋㅎㅋ Work Vlog] ep.01 A day in the life of a chef at Hyundai Card Hyundai Capital

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