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Hyundai Card PLCC connects all lifestyle aspects

From mobility to shopping, delivery and flight tickets


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[Second in a two-part series]

Hyundai Card has launched PLCCs (Private Label Credit Cards) with 12 industry champions. Cards are classified according to benefits and targets, with a variety of card plate designs, allowing customers to select from 48 different card types.

In February, Hyundai Card, Korea’s leading credit card issuer, signed a partnership agreement with NAVER, the Korea’s top online portal. A PLCC catering exclusively to a NAVER-exclusive shopping membership, is set to debut, becoming the latest in the series of Hyundai Card PLCCs.

Here are some other PLCCs worth paying attention to.

Hyundai Mobility Card and Hyundai EV Card

“Hyundai Mobility Card” and “Hyundai EV Card,” were rolled out jointly by Hyundai Card and Hyundai Motor. Rewards of both cards center around “BLUEmembers points,” a reward system for Hyundai Motor customers, when buying and maintaining Hyundai Motor vehicles and spending at various shops affiliated with the reward system. The Hyundai Mobility Card offers bigger reward points when cardholders pay for gas, car maintenance and cleaning and spend on public transportation and car sharing services, while the Hyundai EV Card focuses on maximizing reward benefits for charging electric and hydrogen vehicles.

Hyundai Mobility Card comes in six plate designs that reflect the latest trend and pay homage to Hyundai Motor’s tradition. Hyundai EV Card, on the other hand, offers four design choices, inspired by next-generation EV IONIQ 5.

From left: Hyundai Mobility Card, Hyundai EV Card

MUSINSA Hyundai Card

“MUSINSA Hyundai Card” is the first MUSINSA-branded credit card and is also the first PLCC with a local fashion-focused e-commerce platform.

MUSINSA is Korea’s 10th unicorn online fashion platform with 8 million registered users and 5,700 brands. Almost 70% of its customers are teenagers and those in their 20s, an indication the store has an avid fan base among millennials and Generation Z, often define as “Generation MZ.”

The MUSINSA Hyundai Card has been designed to offer a 5% discount on payments made at “soldout,” an online market run by MUSINSA that sells limited-edition fashion items. Cardholders can also shop at the MUSINSA Store and benefit from the discounts offered by the credit card, with discount coupons issued by the store may apply redundantly. Cardholders also earn cash-like rewards, an equivalent to 1% of all transactions made with the MUSINSA Hyundai Card when shopping on MUSINSA.

MUSINSA Hyundai Card comes in eight different plate designs that have re-interpreted MUSINSA’s identity and diverse fashion materials such as MUSINSA magazine, sneakers and jeans. Hyundai Card and MUSINSA are planning to formulate new data-based marketing collaborations in the future.

MUSINSA Hyundai Card


In January 2021, SOCAR and Hyundai Card unveiled the SOCAR Card, a credit card with exclusive benefits for users of the car-sharing service. This is the first time that a mobility service launched a PLCC in Korea.

SOCAR Card users will receive ample exclusive benefits. Paying for the car-sharing service with the credit card will return cash-like rewards called “SOCAR credits.” The credits may replace 3% of each payment for a SOCAR service and the maximum combined monthly expenditure on the service eligible for rewards is 300,000 won.

The same benefits will apply to payments at restaurants, cafes, hotels, movie theaters, taxis, public transportation and premium outlets, supporting SOCAR customers’ to enjoy travel and various leisure activities. Using the SOCAR card at other destinations will lead to SOCAR credits equivalent of 1% of each transaction.

SOCAR Card plates come with five different designs carrying witty reinterpretation of SOCAR’s identity combined with the images of a digital map, road signs and car racing games.


Baemin Hyundai Card

In a country dubbed a food delivery service empire, not only regular meals but also sashimi, coffee and desserts are available for delivery. Baedal Minjok (app) has combined the digital paradigm with food delivery for the first time in Korea. Since 2010, Baedal Minjok has been a leader in the delivery app market in Korea, with the number of cumulative downloads approaching 55 million and monthly visitors reaching 10 million. The delivery service has additionally expanded beyond food delivery to dog food and beauty products.

The Baemin Hyundai Card centers around “Baemin Points,” cash-like rewards for use within the Baemin app. Baemin, run by Seoul-based Woowa Brothers, operates Baemin Pay, its own mobile payment service. When a Baemin Hyundai Card subscriber registers the card with the payment app, every 3% of spending is returned in the form of Baemin Points. The 3% reward is given on top of the default 0.5% Baemin Points for using Baemin Pay.

Baemin Hyundai Card offers eight different off-the-wall plate design options. Each plate features witty images of food ranging from mackerel to dried laver, tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cakes) and a fried egg as well as Baemin’s iconic images.

Hyundai Card plans to carry out various collaborations with Baedal Minjok, such as data science based marketing as well as the development of new eco-friendly food container designs.

Baemin Hyundai Card

Starbucks Hyundai Card

Korean coffee consumption has been steadily increasing, making Korea one of the largest coffee consumption markets in the world. Starbucks is the most loved coffee brand by Koreans and ranks first in sales volume among Korean coffee franchise brands.

Starbucks Hyundai Card is the first credit card Starbucks created in collaboration with Hyundai Card. The card comes with extensive reward benefits for coffee lovers, centered on the Starbucks Rewards program. The card gives a “Star” reward for every 30,000 won expenditure both home and abroad. “Stars” refers to a reward point redeemable at Starbucks stores. There is no limit to the number of stars to be accumulated and all stars can be earned upon payment.

In the six months since its launch, Starbucks Hyundai Card has seen the cumulative number of stars its members acquired amounted to approximately 12 million. That accounts for 10% of the 120 million stars accumulated by the entire Starbucks Rewards members during the same period, a reflection of how popular the credit card is.

Starbucks Hyundai Card comes in five plate designs carrying the Starbucks’ signature Siren logo and star images. The two partners have also come up with promotional merchandises inspired by the plate design such as coffee mugs and glass cups.

Starbucks Hyundai Card

Korean Air Card

In April, 2020, Hyundai Card with Korean Air jointly launched a credit card designed to offer airline bonus miles and related benefits. The Korean Air-branded private label credit card is the first of its kind in Korea. The Korean Air X Hyundai Card PLCC comes in four types, carrying three-digit numbers taken after flight codes: 030, 070 and 150. The fourth type is “the First,” which caters only to the Sky Pass Morning Calm members.

The card turns purchases into heftier bonus miles than previous other conventional airline mile cards, providing various travel-related benefits such as discount coupons for flight tickets and duty free shopping. All four types offer one mile per 1,000 won spent and an extra two to five miles per 1,000 won payments on Korean Air tickets, hotel stays as well as duty free stores and overseas.

To commemorate the first anniversary of the Korean Air X Hyundai Card PLCC, Korean Air launched a special non-landing flight in April 2021. The special flight departed from Incheon International Airport and flying over Gangneung-Busan-Korea Strait-Jeju Island and landed back at Incheon International Airport.

All passengers received a HL7530 name tag and safety kit, which were created through a design collaboration between Hyundai Card and Korean Air. A limited edition of 4,000 HL7530 name tags were made by upcycling the historic “HL7530” aircraft, the first Boeing 777 aircraft of Korean Air, which retired in 2019.

Korean Air Card

Smile Card

Smile Card is a PLCC by Hyundai Card and eBay Korea. Having been first introduced in 2018, the card has attracted over 1.1 million subscribers as of April 2021, becoming the first million seller PLCC from Hyundai Card.

“New Smile Card,”which was renewed in May 2021, automatically links eBay’s “Smile Club” membership service for free. In addition, “Smile Cash,”which can be used like cash at G Market, Auction, and G9, can be accumulated without the previous month's performance conditions and has no accumulation limit.

There are 6 types of card plate designs with the motif of “smile,” the identity of the Smile Card.

New Smile Card

Hyundai Card PLCC History

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