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Hyundai Card debuts PlayStation® Hyundai Card M

First credit card in Korea specializing in benefits associated with PlayStation®


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Hyundai Card announced it would roll out on Jan. 25 PlayStation® Hyundai Card M, the first credit card in Korea specializing in benefits associated with PlayStation®. Known as the best-selling home video game console brand, PlayStation® has a number of users in Korea.

PlayStation® Hyundai Card M, the first of its kind in Korea, is set to provide a variety of benefits indigenous to Hyundai Card M, a credit card series focused on M Points. M Points refer to Hyundai Card’s own cash-like rewards that can be used at designated stores, both online and offline.

A customer joining PlayStation®Plus (PS Plus), a monthly paid subscription service, using PlayStation® Hyundai Card M, will receive up to 18,800 won ($17) in cashback for the first payment. Any customer spending 5 million won or more a year with PlayStation® Hyundai Card M will be given 44,900 won at the maximum in cashback, equivalent to the annual subscription fee for PS Plus.

The new card will deduct as much as 15,000 won from the monthly bill when the card holder buys game content at designated online and offline stores such as PlayStation® Partnershop+, PlayStation® Partnershop, ATgame (an online game retailer) and PlayStation™Store. Card holders may enjoy interest-free 12-month installments when purchasing a PlayStation® console.

Customer benefits also include M Points. Basic reward will be M Points equivalent to 0.2% of card spending and extra points will be available depending on the types of the stores and expenditure size. The card members can earn 0.2% M points for their expenditure on PlayStation® products and extra M Points will be issued according to the types and amount of purchases.

Annual fee is 20,000 won for both domestic use only and domestic/overseas use (partnership with VISA).

Further details on PlayStation® Hyundai Card M can be found at Hyundai Card mobile app and homepage as well as PlayStation® homepage.

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