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Hyundai Card Z offers ultimate discounts on ‘recurrent expenditure’

Z is themed on family, work and ontact


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Hyundai Card has unveiled Hyundai Card Z series, first credit card series classified as “alphabet cards” that the company is launching in eight years. The Z comes from the “ultimate discounts” the card provides, given Z is the final letter of the alphabet.

Among existing alphabet cards, Hyundai Card M focuses on M points (cash-like rewards) and Hyundai Card X focuses on discount rewards. M points and rewards come from all spending areas. By comparison, Hyundai Card Z offers powerful discount rewards for transactions repeatedly made at specific categories.

Through its customers’ data analysis, Hyundai Card found out key areas of recurrent expenditure in their daily life, which can be compared to “a loop” in a song or a video. The areas are family, work and ontact (portmanteau of “untact” and “online,” coined and used by Koreans) and Hyundai Card came up with three types of cards under the Z series.

“Hyundai Card Z Family” offers powerful discounts on everyday living expenses of family: online shopping malls, large supermarkets and food delivery apps such as E-Mart and Baemin. Cardholders may enjoy a 10% discount on such expenditure. Other benefits of the card include a discount of 100 won per liter at four biggest gas stations in Korea and a 7% discount on regular automatic payments of cell phone bills and utilities fees (apartment maintenance and city gas).

“Hyundai Card Z Work” focuses on benefits for corporate workers, mostly in line with their commuting patterns. The card gives a 50% discount on coffees at cafes popular among corporate employees such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and a 10% discount on spending at convenience stores as well as public transportation or taxi fees. The card also offers a 10% discount on transactions made with major online payment services and a 7% discount on regular automatic payments of phone bills.

“Hyundai Card Z ontact” caters to those who enjoy the so-called “ontact” lifestyle. It gives a 70% discount on membership fees at major online shopping malls and a 30% discount on digital content subscription services such as Netflix and YouTube Premium. Other benefits include a 50% discount on online remote orders at coffee shops and a 10% discount on their purchases on online payments and food delivery apps.

Monthly ceiling for combined discounts is 45,000 won and zero interest installment for two to three months will be available.

Hyundai Card Z comes in seven different card plate designs that customers may choose from according to their own taste and style. The designs are inspired by hipster culture. One design option contains a witty phrase expressing the lifestyle that each of the three cards pursues and there are six common design options available.

Hyundai Card plans to launch a cashback event to celebrate the new product launch. Anyone with no record of using Hyundai Card in the past six months who subscribe to Hyundai Card Z are eligible for the benefit. They may receive back cash equivalent to the amount of discounts that they have benefited in the first three months of using the card (maximum cashback per month at 45,000 won).

The event additionally offers a 20,000 won discount on regular automatic payments of cell phone bills and an extra 10,000 won discount on online payment services.

Hyundai Card Z’s annual fees are 10,000 won. For more information, visit Hyundai Card App and homepage.

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