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“Hyundai Card and Emart collaborate on doenjang noodles meal kit”

‘Jeong’ deun doenjang ramyeon (Ted Chung Recipe x Chung Yong-jin Made)


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Hyundai Card and Emart on Sept. 30 unveiled a fermented soybean paste-based noodles meal kit they have jointly created. The product called ”’Jeong’ deun doenjang ramyeon” is the byproduct of a personal recipe of Ted Chung, Vice Chairman and CEO of Hyundai Card, that has been made into a product by Chung Yong-jin, Vice Chairman and CEO of Shinsegae Group, operator of Emart supermarket chain.

The meal kit originated from the two CEO’s business meeting earlier. Ted Chung introduced doenjang (fermented soybean) instant noodles of his own recipe during the meeting, which led Chung Yong-jin to make it available to consumers. “Jeong” is the Korean term for the warm feeling of attachment between people and is deeply rooted in Korean culture.

”’Jeong’ deun (Jeong-containing) doenjang ramyeon” brings together premium ingredients such as beef, shitake mushrooms, Chinese cabbage and a soft-boiled egg with doenjang broth, offering a depth in flavors. Doenjang, fermented soybean paste is a principal condiment in Korean cuisine.

The Hyundai Card-Emart product comes as meal kits have become immensely popular recently, allowing consumers to enjoy a hearty home-cooked meal with less hassle amid the global pandemic.

The meal kit, portioned for two people, is priced at 12,800 won ($11). It will be available for purchase at Emart offline stores as well as Emart Mall and e-commerce platforms. A promotion during the month of October will offer a 30% discount to customers who use a Hyundai Card for payment.

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