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Hyundai Card designs merchandise for eating, writing and wearing

MX BOOSTem launched alongside MX BOOST credit cards as part of merchandise branding


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Hyundai Card, a leading credit card issuer based in Seoul, has launched sales of a collection of 50 different branded merchandise under the brand name “MX BOOSTem,” a portmanteau of MX BOOST and item. MX BOOSTems are all related to latest credit cards, Hyundai Card MX BOOST.

Brand merchandise tailored toward the taste and lifestyle of millennials and Gen Z are gaining traction around the world. Many brands come up with goods carrying experimental and novel ideas because the MZ Gen enjoy taking photo shoots and videos and post them on their social media accounts including Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, naturally serving as brand ambassadors.

Hyundai Card MX BOOST and MX BOOSTem

Hyundai Card, Korea’s leading credit card company, launched a new product “Hyundai Cad MX BOOST” and its brand goods called “MX BOOSTem” based on the design of the cards last February.

MX BOOST cards, unveiled by Hyundai Card in January, have emerged as the talk of the town. Inspired by “Less is a Bore,” the maxim coined by the postmodern architect Robert Venturi, Hyundai Card came up with 12 different card plate designs expressing different personalities for customers to choose from, such as a big gummy bear, a flat tin case and bubble wrap.

(Clockwise from left) Hyundai Card MX BOOST’s ‘Bubble Wrap’, ‘Gummy Bear’, ‘Canvas’, ‘the Gear’, ‘the Can’, ‘the Coil’, ’ ‘X Steel’, ’ ‘M Steel’, ’ ‘MX Fluffy’ and ‘MX Charger’ designs

Hyundai Card MX BOOST are new versions of Hyundai Card M and Hyundai Card with much-boosted benefits. Both M and X series have represented Hyundai Card for years, offering M points (bonus rewards) and various discounts.

This time, Hyundai Card, known in Korea for trendy and edgy brand designs and marketing campaigns, gained heated attention for moving away from minimalism, which long served as a key pillar of its design philosophy.

This is not the end of the story. MX BOOST series attracted attention once again for Hyundai Card launched merchandise inspired by the cards: 50 products from 21 categories ranging from apparels such as jackets, T-shirts and socks to stationeries including pens, notebooks, tape measures and pouches to even food products such as gummy jellies and chocolates.

“Merchandise represent the persona of a certain brand as well as its customers,” said a Hyundai Card spokesperson, “Consumers may own part of the brand’s persona through the act of purchasing the merchandise and the brand may promote its identity in a more natural manner,” said Hyundai Card official.

(Clockwise from left) MX BOOST ‘Bubble wrap bag’, ‘Disposable camera/Tin case/Rug’, ‘Gummy bear’, ‘Charger socks’, ‘Beach towel’ and ‘Ball point pens’

Virtuous cycle of merchandise creating fandom

Some MX BOOSTems were sold out instantly. A T-shirt engraved with a big, blue gummy bear printing was sold out in less than week after it went on sale earlier in February. MX BOOST Gummy is yet another popular item. Nearly 30,000 packs of the gummy bears have been sold to date. Hyundai Card Design Team contacted several gummy jelly manufacturers to create an Instagram-friendly gummy bear. They finally came up with the idea of creating the gummy bears with a 3D printing technology. A pack contains only five of the blue lemonade-flavored gummy bears but one gummy bear is much bigger and heavier than any other gummy bears out on the market.

Disposable cameras, ball point pens and tin cases, all carrying the MX BOOST card plate designs, are also popular especially in offline store Vinyl & Plastic operated by Hyundai Card.

A pop-up store for MX BOOSTem run at Vinyl & Plastic, a vinyl and CD store in Itaewon along with pop-up exhibitions at Hyundai Card Libraries including Design Library, Travel Library and Cooking Library. The products are also available at M Point Mall, a shopping mall run by Hyundai Card.

(From left) MX BOOSTem showcase in Vinyl & Plastic, Exterior of Vinyl & Plastic

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