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Hyundai Card transitions from untact to ontact

Looking beyond Covid-19 to the new normal


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As the COVID-19 pandemic prolongs, ‘untact’ (a newly coined word in South Korea meaning ‘contactless’ which combines ‘un’ and ‘contact’) which refers to a way of non-face-to-face communication is a big trend across the industries. Recently, ‘ontact life’ is attracting attention.
‘Ontact’ which combines ‘untact’ and ‘on’ means a way of communication where there is no physical contact or face-to-face interaction, but people are still connected to communicate. Drive through COVID-19 testing, selling goods or services online and also online training, hiring, video conferencing, etc. are a case in point.

Companies are quick to apply ‘ontact’ to their marketing or branding activities. Hyundai Card is also coming up with innovative ideas and engaging in communication with customers based on its online platform to keep up with the trends.

‘Fan-made LIVE’, well-made live stream created by fans (Fan-made LIVE’s main poster and participated artists CHEEZE and Kim Sawol)

(Fan-made LIVE’s main poster and participated artists CHEEZE and Kim Sawol)

One of the leading credit card companies in South Korea Hyundai Card has held interesting cultural events for its customers including ‘Hyundai Card Super Concert’ which is a super concert inviting the world’s top musicians. However, as large concerts or cultural events stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it needed a new idea. Hyundai Card came up with an idea to let musicians and their fans meet online. It is called ‘Fan-made LIVE’. The Fan-made LIVE is literally a live concert created by fans. When they request songs, outfits, gestures, etc. they want to listen to or see on Hyundai Card DIVE app and Instagram, musicians perform the way the fans want. It is a kind of ‘interactive concert’ for fans and musicians.

The actual concerts are performed in spaces run by Hyundai Card such as Hyundai Card Libraries, Understage, etc. and concert videos are released on DIVE app and DIVE YouTube channel. Six artists nafla, ADOY, Kwon Jin-Ah, CHEEZE, Kim Sawol and SUMIN participated in the concert. Hyundai Card cast artists who have a loyal fan base in different genres from folk music to K-ballad. Fan-made LIVE videos are released every Friday on DIVE app from May 8 to June 19.

(Requests by fans vary, “Please flap your arms like a bird during a song.”, “Please put a Fulla doll on your shoulder and say, I love you fans”, etc.)

(Requests by fans vary, “Please flap your arms like a bird during a song.”,
“Please put a Fulla doll on your shoulder and say, I love you fans”, etc.)

Digital Culture Platform ‘DIVE’

‘Hyundai Card DIVE’ which opened in December 2019 is a digital culture platform or inspiring digital space where users can create their own tastes. It introduces various contents related to tastes and trends, and encourages the users to participate together to build together, instead of providing one-sided content feed. This platform is playing the role of Hyundai Card’s ontact branding platform.

(Hyundai Card DIVE app’s main poster and diverse content images)

(Hyundai Card DIVE app’s main poster and diverse content images)

Hyundai Card has been ‘ontact’ even before the Fan-made LIVE such as ‘Untact Live’ and ‘Supermarket Concert’ it hosted as part of ‘Hyundai Card Digital Lover’ launch campaign in February. ‘Untact Live’ was a new way of concert that Hyundai Card tried which starred three musicians GRAY, Jessi and Kang Min Kyung who sang Digital Lover cover songs in their own place or studio in clothes they usually wear at home.

‘Supermarket Concert’ is a guerilla gig that the artists who participated in ‘Untact Live’ perform in front of a neighborhood supermarket. Since it’s a guerilla concert, when and where they are going to perform are not informed in advance. Instead, Hyundai Card made sure that people can enjoy ‘Supermarket Concert’ ‘alone’ ‘in their own way’ not only on Hyundai Card DIVE app, but also on Hyundai Card channel on social networking sites YouTube and Instagram and social networking-based media ‘Dingo’.

“The reality that we are now in where it is difficult to stay in touch with customers actually offered an opportunity for Hyundai Card to think about a completely new way of branding and marketing, the New Normal. We will continue to interact with customers via diverse ‘ontact’ activities,” Hyundai Card spokesperson said.

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