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Hyundai Card captures triple wins at iF Design Award 2021

Hyundai Card App 3.0, Hyundai Card DIGITAL LOVER and MyD honored


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Hyundai Card has swept triple wins at the prestigious International Forum (iF) Design Award 2021 for “Hyundai Card App 3.0,” “Hyundai Card DIGITAL LOVER,” and “MyD” corporate ID, the company announced on April 22.

Hyundai Card is one of rare examples of a financial firm to receive three prizes at the prominent international design award in a single year. The prizes came from three different categories.

Hyundai Card App 3.0 won in the “Communication/Apps” discipline for acting “as a convenient digital companion to the users’ spending experience.” Launched in August 2020, the app got away from the conventional layout of finance apps that showed all the menus horizontally and came up with two main homes, called “Dual Home.” The two homes use artificial intelligence to provide various content tailor-made for individual users. Largely indebted to its innovative form and function, Hyundai Card App 3.0 maintains 50-130% more monthly active users than other credit card apps in Korea.

Hyundai Card DIGITAL LOVER, rolled out in February 2020, won in the “Communication/Branding” discipline for unique and formative design and ideas behind it. The credit card for digital native millennials, who the company has interpreted as “lonely travelers across the outer space,” comes in four different designs: Jean Crush, Rusty Robot, StarBomb and Foggy Planet. The front side of the plate made of materials with unique texture has been designed in sharp contrast with the back side in bright colors. This is the second time that Hyundai Card DIGITAL LOVER has been honored in an international design contest. Last year, the card received IDEA Design Award 2020.

MyD (short for My ID), an ID card for Hyundai Card employees, won in the “Product” discipline. The initial version, inspired by the shape of “hopae,” a personal ID plaque during the Joseon Dynasty (the last imperial dynasty of Korea), has effectively served as a prototype for Korean corporate ID cards for its functionality and aesthetic value since its debut in 2010. In 2020 Hyundai Card renewed the ID, adopting an integrated singular structure with a detachable strap. The design also goes well with any types of fashion styles.

Hyundai Card has won 11 times from iF Design Award since 2014 for design projects such as “Hyundai Card My Taxi,” “Hyundai Card DIVE” app and vertical card design. The company also took the honor in two other top international design competitions such as IDEA Design Award and Red Dot Design Award for “Media Shelter,” a bus shelter installed at Seoul Train Station Bus Transfer Center, and “RE: ECM” exhibition.

The iF Design Award began in 1953, organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH in Germany. Entries to the award are evaluated in nine disciplines including Product, Communication, Professional Concept, Service Design and User Experience and each discipline is divided into several categories.

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