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Starbucks Hyundai Card comes with star-studded benefits

Earn 1 Star reward for every 30,000 won (26$) spent with card


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Starbucks Coffee Korea and Hyundai Card have introduced details of benefits for Starbucks Hyundai Card.

The Starbucks-branded private label credit card, often called PLCC in Korea, comes with extensive reward benefits for coffee lovers, centered around Starbucks Rewards program. The card gives 1 “Star” reward for every 30,000 won ($26) credit expenditure home and abroad. Star refers to a reward point redeemable at Starbucks stores.

There is no limit to the number of Stars to be accumulated and the Stars can be earned upon payment. So far, Starbucks Coffee Korea customers have been able to earn Stars only when paying with a reloadable Starbucks Card.

The two partners plan to hold special events for new Starbucks Hyundai Card subscribers. Those who spend 50,000 won or more through Nov. 30 will earn 100 Stars. (12 Stars give one free drink coupon, on the condition that the customer is a Starbucks Gold Level holder.) Those who swipe their Starbucks Hyundai Card for a purchase of 50,000 won or more at Starbucks Coffee stores will be automatically registered for a Starbucks Christmas e-frequency gift event. One thousand customers will be eligible for winning the lottery.

“Starbucks Hyundai Card is the first credit card Starbucks created in collaboration with Hyundai Card,” said a Hyundai Card spokesperson. “Beyond the card products, Starbucks and Hyundai Card plan to come up with various collaboration projects in many areas such as data science and brand marketing.”

The Starbucks Hyundai Card is the first of its kind from Starbucks Coffee Korea ever since its entry into Korea in 1999. The two companies signed a partnership agreement for the private label credit card (PLCC) on June 15.

Branded cards, often referred to as “private label credit cards,” are launched by credit card issuers but the benefits and rewards come from the brand for customer loyalty. Several global partners have chosen Hyundai Card for branded cards in the past several years, in recognition of Hyundai Card’s big data analysis and marketing capabilities.

Starbucks Hyundai Card comes in five plate designs for customers to choose from. The two partners have also come up with promotional merchandises inspired by the plate design such as coffee mugs and glass cups. They are available for purchase at Starbucks stores nationwide.

Starbucks Hyundai Card’s annual fee is 30,000 won. The same amount applies to both the card for domestic use and the card for domestic and overseas use (via Visa and Mastercard).

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