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Ultimate credit card for mobility lifestyle

Hyundai Motor X Hyundai Card


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Hyundai Motor and Hyundai Card have unveiled “Hyundai Mobility Card,” a private label credit card (PLCC) with upgraded benefits focusing on customers’ mobility lifestyle.

Coming in two types – one ordinary and the other platinum – the new PLCC is a renewed version of existing Hyundai BLUEmembers Card, which was rolled out in 2017. Rewards of Hyundai Mobility Card center around BLUEmembers points, a reward system for Hyundai Motor customers. The points work like cash when buying and maintaining Hyundai Motor vehicles and spending at various shops affiliated with the reward system.

PLCCs are launched by credit card issuers but the benefits and rewards come from the brand under partnership. More than a dozen renowned brands have chosen Hyundai Card for PLCCs in the past several years, citing the company’s edge in big data analysis, and branding and marketing.

Compared with the initial version, the renewed Hyundai Mobility Card offers bigger reward points when cardholders pay for gas, car maintenance and cleaning and spend on public transportations and car sharing services.

Hyundai Mobility Card users, when spending 500,000 won or more in a month, may earn 1% of all expenditures in BLUEmembers points. The card gives an extra 2% on purchases of vehicle maintenance services and an extra 1% on mobility services. The extra points are eligible for 300,000 won at the maximum a month. A special extra 1.5% in points is available for cardholders buying a new Hyundai Motor car.

Hyundai Mobility Platinum Card offers 1% in BLUEmembers points for expenditures between 500,000 won and 2 million won a month and 1.5% for expenditures at 2 million won or more in a month. When a cardholder spends 2 million won more, an extra 3% points in car maintenance and an extra 1.5% points in mobility services will be given. In total, up to 4.5% of monthly card spending may convert into BLUEmembers points. The platinum card also gives a special extra 2% for Hyundai Motor vehicle purchases.

Hyundai Motor and Hyundai Card also took the wraps off “Hyundai EV Card,” which gives maximized rewards for paid charging of electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles. The card comes as the market for eco-friendly vehicles has grown rapidly. Up to 100% of monthly spending with the card will be rewarded in BLUEmembers points, whose monthly ceiling is set at 20,000 won.

Hyundai Mobility Card comes in six designs reflecting the latest trend and paying homage to Hyundai Motor’s tradition. Hyundai EV Card, on the other hand, offers four design choices, inspired by next-generation EV IONIQ 5.

Both Hyundai Mobility Card and Hyundai EV Card charge 30,000 won in annual fee, whereas Hyundai Mobility Platinum, 70,000 won.

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