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VINYL & PLASTIC by Hyundai Card

The world of analog sound filled with emotions


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VINYL & PLASTIC by Hyundai Card is a music store that allows visitors to explore their music taste and enjoy various music experience. It has a sister space “Storage,” an exhibition hall, at the basement. The store is located right next to the Hyundai Card Music Library & UNDERSTAGE.

“We wanted to make sure that people can listen to, feel and own music pieces in VINYL & PLASTIC, while enjoying the trendiest visual arts at Storage,” said a VINYL & PLASTIC by Hyundai Card manager.

This space offers around 20,000 LP(Vinyl) and CD(Plastic) records on sale. There are two floors in this building, the first floor has the vinyl listening zone and the sales zone, and on the second floor there's the listening and sales zone for plastic CDs as well as a cafe. Visitors may listen to, see, touch and own music on boundary between analogue and digital.

People can listen to some works of the most influential recording artists of our times including The Beatles, Nirvana, Abba and Zedd at the “Vinly 200 Picks” section on the first floor. People can also listen to selected CDs from the “Plastic Picks” comprised of six different theme charts on the second floor. The DJ Station located next to the Plastic Picks presents live DJ performance.

At the “Music Accessory Shop” people can buy accessories such as earphones, headphones, figurines, T-shirts and others. People can also purchase turntables or portable speakers. All products are guaranteed with a 20 percent discount for people who pay with Hyundai Card. They can also pay with their M reward points.


248 Itaewonro Yongsangu Seoul
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In 2016

Business Hours
12:00-21:00 Tuesday-Saturday
12:00-18:00 Sunday and public holidays
Closed on Monday and during Lunar New Year/Chuseok holidays


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