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Welcoming outstanding talents to work with Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital

How we recruit top talents to join our journey


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The company’s high hiring bar is a critical factor in its success. When recruiting talents, corporates want the best candidates, but finding the ‘best’ is often easier said than done.

Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital is setting its sights on finding those who possess unique minds and can apply different ways of thinking to solve any type of challenge at work. Many companies including Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital are turning to non-traditional way of evaluating new hires to lure and retain top talent. We define talented personnel who have different thoughts, experiences, and capabilities as also being diverse.

Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital has talented personnel with various backgrounds and competences. We have hired employees focusing on individual competences, not just on standardized qualifications or credentials, capturing characteristics and data that might not be obvious to make smarter hiring decisions.

Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital’s summer internship program offers current students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience with the company’s work. This unique and robust two-month program provides students with direct practical experience in financial services business on a comprehensive level, participate in a variety of projects, as well as work together with one another on group assignments. After completion of the program, interns may be eligible for conversion to a permanent position.

“The goal of the internship program for Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital is to hire top talents who will work in areas such as product development, marketing, sales planning & management, risk, finance & strategy, management support, branding, and overseas business management divisions,” said Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital spokesperson.

The internship hiring process consists of four major steps. First, future job candidates need to submit their application with necessary academic documents including English speaking test score. Next, the candidates need to take an AI-based online tests which consists of a video interview, an online personality test, and a competency analysis game test. After that, there will be in-person interviews with the HR department followed by the final interview process with the supervising manager.

Since 2020, Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital has been using AI-based tests as part of the recruiting process. It was adopted not only as a solution to minimize face-to-face contact in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to gain more in-depth analysis of test candidates. The AI assessments allow more breadth and diversity to hiring practices.

Innovation is a task that cannot be put off any longer in the financial industry, including Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital. Many financial tech companies and startups are jumping in and making changes. The change is not limited to being created within the field of finance, but is creating a whole new kind of business.

Based on this vision, Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital has been investing in various dimensions of its business from its culture and strategy to transform the company’s DNA into a digital-driven business. Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital's recruitment process is focused on finding talent who can contribute to the company’s digital vision.

Eunji Kwon, Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital’s summer 2021 intern, worked with the admission credit team under the card risk department and culture mobile app “DIVE” team under the brand division during her two-month program. Having studied psychology and entrepreneurship at university, she applied for the internship program mainly because of her interest in learning about data-driven decision making and cooperating with people from various backgrounds.

“My job was to research finance data trend and mobile app trend and propose idea that can be applied to each teams’ ongoing business,” she said. “It has been such an insightful and motivating time working with professional team members.”

Not only traditional college students but there were young professionals with work experience who participated in the internship program. Yunchan Jo, Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital’s summer 2021 intern, joined the program to take on a new challenge after having started his career in a startup. Yunchan was part of the ICP development, managing the new payment system installed in Hyundai Motor vehicles.

“I was able to gain valuable hands-on experience working with the team. It was exciting to witness and experience different working environment and to take role in experimenting new ideas and turning them into real-time projects.”

The hiring process for summer internship program takes place March every year. After the hiring process, around 40 interns gets hired and starts the two-month program in July. In recent years, more than half of the participants of the program were offered permanent position at Hyundai Card·Hyundai Capital.

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