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About Hyundai Card

Hyundai Card, established in Seoul in 2001 as a financial arm of Hyundai Motor Group, has led the Korean credit card trend with products and services tailored to customers’ lifestyle and taste.

The company’s significant milestone in the Korean credit card industry includes rolling out the country’s first VVIP card called “the Black,” which was followed by a series of premium cards including “the Purple,” “the Red,” and “the Green,” most recently. In a move to diversify business models, Hyundai Card has been stepping up partnership with high-profile retailers including Costco, eBay and Korean Air Lines for private label credit cards.

Hyundai Card stands out among local credit card issuers for its unique branding and marketing campaigns. Its signature Super Concert series has been recognized for contributing to globalizing the Korean concert scene for staging more than 10 legendary musicians – from Coldplay to Beyonce, Paul McCartney and Queen. The company has also been operating four libraries in Seoul’s trendiest areas, each themed on design, travel, music and cooking, to inspire customers and strengthen ties with them.

Hyundai Card has recently been moving forward with digital transformation, developing an artificial intelligence-based chatbot, adopting blockchain for its system and building advanced algorithm to offer more sophisticated customer services and benefits.

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