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BHCB unveils a series of innovative digital solutions

How BHCB became the digital leader in Brazil's auto finance industry



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We currently live in a digital era where consumers are increasingly connected. When we analyze the automotive finance landscape, digital advances have become more evident over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the “McKinsey Automotive Retail Consumer Study,” people are more interested in viewing car price quotes online and many already feel car financing can be a fully digital process.

Banco Hyundai Capital Brasil (BHCB) seeks to offer practical and quick solutions to improve the customer’s digital journey. According to a survey conducted by the global marketing agency “We Are Social,” 71% of Brazilian households had internet access as of 2020 and 56% of those surveyed make online purchases on a mobile phone and 36% use a desktop to search for products and services online. BHCB aims at having its financing process 100% automated at dealerships with paperless transactions, and after-sales solutions centralized in the mobile App Hyundai Financiamentos.

BHCB’s digital initiatives provide new and innovative channels for consumers in Brazil. There are three initiatives which have established BHCB as a digital leader in Brazil’s auto finance industry: FinOnline, WhatsApp chatbot, and Digital Slip-bill.


FinOnline is a system that provides customers the convenience of financing their Hyundai 0 KM without leaving the comfort of their own home. Through the Hyundai Financiamentos website, consumers can select and customize their choice of vehicle and carry out financing with BHCB.

Using the FinOnline system, a customer submits his/her personal data, selects the OEM’s dealership and can view the credit simulation with installment amounts in real-time. If the customer agrees with the offer, he/she can finalize the registration and send the credit proposal for approval. When the proposal is approved, the customer will receive a voucher with the initial conditions and wait for the seller's contact or go to the dealership to conclude the purchase.

This innovative solution is available only at a few captive banks in Brazil. With this initiative, OEM and Hyundai dealers can attract more customers to choose Hyundai over competitor models. In partnership with Hyundai Motor Brasil, the FinOnline system will be used as the landing page for the launch of the new Creta model, with exclusive finance programs from Banco Hyundai.

WhatsApp chatbot

In August 2021, BHCB launched another digital solution to make life easier for customers. With the new self-service channel, customers will be able to ask questions and have access to the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a virtual assistant on WhatsApp.

With the WhatsApp chatbot, the most used instant messaging application in Brazil, BHCB customers are able to obtain the barcode of their installments and make payments online. The channel is available everywhere at any time without having to call in to a traditional call center.

Digital Slip-bill

BHCB customers receive a booklet containing the payment slips for every single installment according to the contracted financing period. The hardcopies of the booklet is printed and delivered to the customers by post office services.

The Digital Slip-bill project aims to replace the physical print and delivery of the payment slips with a digital one. Instead of printing the hardcopies, BHCB will provide the booklet digitally as a PDF file with password protection for security and send it to the customers by email.

This time and cost efficient digital solution not only helps improves customer experience and satisfaction but is also environment friendly. A pilot test has recently begun with a few selected dealers, and if the results are positive, BHCB will roll out the Digital Slip-bill to the entire dealer network by the end of 2021.

The three initiatives are only the start of BHCB’s digitalization process. Hyundai Capital will continue to cater to the digital needs of our consumers.

About Banco Hyundai Capital Brasil

Banco Hyundai Capital Brasil (BHCB) is a joint venture established between Hyundai Capital Services in Korea and Banco Santander Brasil. BHCB operates under the Hyundai Financing brand and are present throughout the Hyundai dealership network, financing new and used vehicles.

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